Five Best Cagayan de Oro Shops to Find the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Father’s day is approaching fast. It is that time of the year again to honor the great fathers who have not only provided us with everything that we need in life but also for being the heroic figure who stood for us during times of trouble. And with that being said, there is no need for you to panic in finding the best store for you to buy the best father’s day unique gift. Check out these five best Cagayan de Oro Shops now and worry less about meeting the best father’s day ideas!

1. Cyclemart

Address: Ground Flr. Goking Bldg Corrales Ave., Cagayan de Oro.

cagayan de oro shops

Cagayan de Oro Shops

If you plan on having a bonding together with your dad through cycling then you should consider Cyclemart. The Cagayan Cyclemart and General Merchandise is a cycling retailer and service center that features very friendly and accommodating services. They are part of the distinctive leaders in the bicycle retail industry in Cagayan de Oro. Its customer service center is committed to accommodating anyone from the beginning cyclist to the professional athlete. The Cyclemart continuously provides the finest cycling products, supplies, specialists, and services. These are integrated for you and your father to have the best cycling experience together!

2.Dad’s Legacy Tailor Shop

Address: Ylaya Carmen, Cagayan de Oro.


cagayan de oro shops

Cagayan de Oro Shops

Dad’s Legacy Tailor Shop is one of the best options you should consider when finding the best clothing gift for your dad. The place is famous for their Sports Jerseys, so if you are interested to play a sports game with your dad, then it is best to buy quality jerseys from the shop. In addition, they also offer items of clothing in various types such as Pattern Polo Shirt, Tshirt, all kinds of Jersey, school uniform, PE Uniform, Office uniform, Formal Suit, Pants, Jackets, Jersey Jacket. With the wide range of options, you can take, shopping in the area will surely consume a lot of your time.

3. Treat Your Dad At Noble’s Seafood

Address: Masterson Ave. Upper Carmen Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan de Oro Seafood Restaurant

Cagayan de Oro Seafood Restaurant

For you to have the most special treat during his day, you should find the best dining place in the city.  In truth, finding the ideal family place for father’s day is actually easy. As an excellent treat for dad,  Noble’s Seafood is just the right place for it! This Seafood Restaurant and Grill has been operating since December 8, 2017. The dishes they offer are the traditional Filipino dishes with an exemplary and unique taste such as pork barbecue, grilled pork belly or known as “liempo”, chorizo, all-time favorite grilled squid, tuna belly and panga, of course, its signature ” fish kinilaw” called the sinuglaw. These dishes will surely create the best father’s day for the whole family in the most delightful dining experience!

4. Northmin Performance Industries Inc.

Address: Kauswagan National Highway Cagayan de Oro City

cagayan de oro car shops

Cagayan de Oro Shops

What’s better than bringing your dad to the most trendy vehicle customizing firm? The Northmin Performance Industries Inc. makes customizing easier for your dad’s car, truck or SUV. The place features numerous items, such as Bumpers, Suspension Lift, Steering Wheel Covers, Seat Covers, Chrome and Accents, Step bars, Glass Tint, Tires, Mags and many more. They also provide wide stocks of the truck and car accessories. Lastly, in addition to the car accessories, the place also is a great supplier of electronic supplies.

5. Fablues Catering Services

Address: 15th-13th Street Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City

cagayan de oro catering services

Cagayan de Oro Catering

If you are planning to celebrate father’s day a closed private party, you might want to consider the services of Fablues Catering. They offer a wide variety of delicious menus served to you with an exemplary dining service. Since Fablues Catering serves the best variety dishes in the city, they became very well-known easily. During small occasions, it’s also natural for them to receive orders for specific dishes and other viands without having a full catering team.