Golden Friendship Park: A Kagay-anon Landmark

golden friendship park

Golden Friendship Park 1962

Cagayan de Oro is commonly known as the Philippines’ City of Golden Friendship. Kagay-anon is a proper noun referring to the people living in Cagayan de Oro City. In 1900’s, Golden Friendship Park, also known as Plaza Divisoria was built as a town divider after a great fire that almost burned down the entire city. The Golden Friendship Park also serves as Kagay-anon landmark at the Heart of the City.

golden friendship park

Cagayan de Oro Plaza Divisoria

Tourists in Cagayan de Oro will enjoy the picturesque views and it also marks dedication to the significant local and national heroes like former President Ramon Magsaysay, Andres Bonifacio, Dr. Jose Rizal, and former Mayor Justiniano R. Borja.

Golden Friendship Park is located at the downtown area of Cagayan de Oro, an approximate of 57 minutes away from the Laguindingan Airport. it is also known as the Central Business District of the City as a lot of commercial activities are being conducted in here. Business establishments such as food chains, restaurants, convenience stores, pharmacies, garment boutiques, hotels, banks, spas and a lot more are built nearby the park.

golden friendship park

Cagayan de Oro Transportation

The Kiosko Kagawasan was also built within the Golden Friendship Park and it serves as a venue for cultural and political events. If the old trees of Golden Friendship Park could talk, they would be busy reminiscing the crowds with tales of its storied past and how it played a significant role in Cagayan de Oro’s local history.

Golden Friendship Park is very accessible in all types of the City’s modes of transportation. You can take either motorela, jeepney or cab. Motorela or Rela is a popular mode of transportation in Cagayan de Oro, it is the City’s own version of the Philippine Tricycle. It can accommodate around 6 to 8 people, at a very affordable fare rate.