Insular Bank Inked With Rush Money For Digital Lending Services

Insular Bank inked with Rush Money for Digital Lending Services, with this partnership, Insular Bank is upgrading their Personal Loan applications digitally using the portals owned and managed by Rush Money.

Rush Money is a premier Financial Lead Generation in the Philippines for both Bank and Non-Bank Financial Institutions. Though the headquarter is in Cagayan de Oro its digital platform covers the entire Philippines. One of its objectives is to promote the advancement of the lending industry in the Philippines through Digital Lending.

Having Insular Bank as part of the family of Rush Money is a manifestation that Lending Companies, such as Banks, are now ready to take and face advancement of technologies through Digital Lending. It is being said that the ones who adopt change such as in technology for business have a greater chance of success as it, of course, widens the market share.

Digital Lending is beneficial to consumers as it brings every individual who needs more funds closer to lending companies. No need to take a long queue waiting for the turn to submit the application, and not experiencing hassles in going from one place to another to look for suitable lending companies. Everything can be done digitally, just visit the Digital Lending portal like and submit a loan application, upload loan requirements, wait to be called for credit investigation, then an appointment will be set for the release of the loan. It’s fast, easy, and hassle-free.

For Filipinos and the Philippines, is considered as the global leader in the “time spent on social media” category in several digital reports, it is advantageous to adopt the changes in lending perspective to go digital. Apply for a loan now through Digital Lending.

For more information on Digital Lending, visit, it caters loan application such as personal loan (includes OFW and Seaman), Business Loan, Home Loan, and Auto Loan. Rush Money has a wide array of partners like Insular Bank that specializes the types of loan they offer.


Go Digital Lending, Go