Living a Cinematic CDO: The truth, the trend, and the things you need to know

It is likely said that when God created heavens and earth, He filled them with such grace and abundance, thus purifying every single cell worthy of magnificence and Cagayan de Oro (CDO) City either had claimed all the natural bounties ahead or too blessed to be astounded with paramount treasures of love and abundance. Lies in the ideal geographical location in the doorway of Mindanao, CDO City makes every little thing worth to stay and a must to cherish. It has been a CDO like no other.

The Gateway to Mindanao

Being accessible to land, water, or air transportation, the “City of Golden Friendship” serves as the entrance in savoring the extraordinary flux of Mindanao. The city confers into the idea that it will eventually become the 4th economic center in the Philippines by 2025, following thereafter the economic upbringing of Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, and Metro Davao. Tagged as a first-class highly urbanized city, it has been known as the urban gateway prior to entering the heart of the promised land. CDO boosts for its city lights in the night, symbolizing vibrant hospitality for the tourists and business-minded individuals who would like to commence endearing hub for business ventures. It also highlights the urban jungle which stands aloof in the busy sectors of everyday life. Street foods, preserved history, undying culture, and a golden friendship of the Kagay-anons truly signify the fact the CDO is a portal of idyllic urban living.

Feel at Home

You could make CDO City a home away from home. The city provides extra tender loving care to those who want to escape a usual setup at home. It offers a variety of options to stay, ideal for those who could afford and for those who restrict pennies to come out from the pouch. To mention a few, luxurious hotels like Pearlmont Hotel, Limketkai Luxe Hotel, Seda Centrio, Bridge Hotel, New Dawn Plus, Emerald Suites CDO, Red Planet, G-Galyx Inn Hotel, Deluxe Hotel, The Loft Inn, Dynasty Hotel, Miami Inn, and among others will all equally redefine the hotel accommodation you need to experience. Adding to the list of good places to stay while enjoying the scene are D’Morvie Suites, 1A Express Hotel, and Downtown Suites. Though you’re distantly far from home, these hotel accommodations will similarly offer you pleasure and comfort not to miss your place of origin as CDO City embraces the idea of once you come here, you will never feel ennui and nostalgia.

Street Food Madness

To a booming millennial, food is life. And luckily, CDO City could give you this revered miniature of life. The busy streets offer a variety of options for low budget enthusiasts. Near the St. Agustine Cathedral and also in the busy Cogon, lies a log jam of street food vendors where you could make your tummy happy in just a budget of small bucks. You could have prubin, bopis, siomai, kwek-kwek, and other famous street foods that are all entitled to give you satisfaction, partnered with “hanging rice” or locally called as puso, which is made out of a simple tropical material called lukay or tender coconut fronds. Boosting also the typical food trip is the famous balut or a boiled developing embryo of a bird egg, typically of a duck. Seasoned with inspired metaphors, balut is globally known as an ultimate Filipino exotic street food and of course, CDO City delivers the best balut in town.

Nature’s Way

Your ideal escapade may not be complete without going back to nature first. Though surrounded by buzzing streets and bleaching smokes, CDO City could also be a nature-tripping fun good for a nature-loving few. First in the list is the popular Kagay White Water Rafting, trudging the rush water of the spectacular Cagayan de Oro River where the spot uses State Of The Art Rafts or so-called SOTAR and other equipment. Nature at its best is what you would eventually feel while taking the greatest adventure of your life, rowing down the river and avoiding those blocking rocks. The city also hosts the Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village Resort which offers stay-in accommodations, good food, and above all, a very pleasant surrounding gifted with full potentials of nature. If you also plan to have an extra adventure, fill it with other must-see spots for both thrilling and relaxing activities through extreme sports at the Macahambus Adventure Park. Situated in Barangay Lumbia, which is about 10 minutes away from the airport, you can go rappelling from a 150-feet gorge and enjoy the magnificent works of nature that serve as a haven of exquisiteness and tranquility. The next stop is intended for those daredevils: Sierra del Oro in Indahag Hills is a pretty good choice and you could try the tandem flights. Here, all you need to do is enjoy the scenery while your pilot is navigating the wonders of the skies. The city also homes the Seven Seas Waterpark and Resort, Larry’s Hill Adventure Hub, Kweba de Oro, and among others. All these are just a few trips to making your CDO memories worth cherishing.

Nocturnal Intentions

Ain’t sleepy at night? Well, you could hop out from your bed and go for a nocturnal trip in the busy streets of CDO. Kiosko Divisoria must be first on your list. You could chill a little bit there in the benches under the trees while busy staring at the wakeful panorama of the city. Planning to “morning the night”, near its premise are the likes of Grand Central, Pulse, and Beat Club. Teasing from a distance, you could hang out at Sky Bar, CDO Bar, Whatever, and among other KTV bars and pubs that are equally committed to give you a lot of fun for the night. If you have intentions to just make your stomach full while chilling, the sleepless street of Corrales Avenue where a cluster of restaurants and food hubs is waiting in the likes of The Hungry Plate, BFB, Lokal Grill and Seafood, among others. Another long queue of food trip is also found in JR Borja Extension where you could make your night happy in restaurants like Mykarelli’s Grill, BoJack’s Seafood Grill, and Ogis Grill. Waving from a distance also are the famous Panagatan, High Ridge Restaurant, Ribs & Bibs, Bigby’s Café and Restaurant, Ale Restaurant, Cusina de Oro, Kagay-anon Restaurant, Yakimix, The Backyard Grill, Bagong Lipunan, and a lot more. All these intended nocturnal getaways will make your heart happy, if not satisfied will all the convenience and amenities that CDO could proudly offer.

There is a lot more to go and a lot more to discover. Pretty much of the seasoned eloquence, CDO City is amazingly a portal in experiencing the heavens of God while we are still alive. It may sound too commonsensical for a roaring urban to shine bright like a diamond, but CDO City has a lot more than you could ever imagine. Hop in, and CDO City will give you the kind of life you never expected.