Radiowealth Finance Corporation (RFC) goes Digital Lending through Rush Money

Radiowealth Finance Corporation (RFC) goes Digital Lending in partnership with Rush Money.

Being one of the top lending companies in the Philippines, Radiowealth Finance Corporation (RFC) is bringing you closer to support your financial needs via an online lending portal with the help of a premier Financial Lead Generation company in the Philippines, Rush Money.   

Loan Products

Radiowealth Finance Corporation (RFC) offers a variety of Loan catering to the specific needs of an individual who has OR/CR or land title as collateral, they also offer Auto and Motorcycle Loan, Appliance Loan, Dealer’s Loan and Retail Medical Equipment. With them, taking the steps of Digital Lending, it gives an easy access for any individual applying for a loan.   

Digital Lending Platform

With Rush Money’s Digital Lending platform, it advances the lending business in the Philippines. Through the adaptation of technologies, it enhances lending processes with convenience and hassle-free loan applications.  Covering a wide range of coverage all over the Philippines, all you need is a stable internet connection then you can apply for a loan online via, with the use of your PC, laptop, tablet or even smartphone.

Rush Money can offer you the best lending company that accommodate and assist you with your financial needs, you can rely on an affordable loan with a minimal interest rate. Rush Money finds ways especially for those who are having difficulty to obtain a loan from the bank or some other traditional financial institutions. Rush Money’s Digital Lending platform provides portal for Personal Loan including OFW and Seaman Loan, Business Loan, Auto Loan and Mortgage Loan. Visit; the solution for your financial needs is guaranteed.


Radiowealth Finance Corporation (RFC) and Rush Money’s partnership is sealed with commitment and enthusiasm to provide financial assistance with state-of-the-art Digital Lending Platform.

Visit and explore how the Digital Lending Platform can help you.